The Dynamics About Achieving A Skin Tan

By Haywood Hunter

To tan the skin is the process by which the color of skin is changed, usually to have a darker shade than its normal color. Skin tanning can be achieved naturally through exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun or by using use of artificial tanning products, a process called sunless tanning. The latter method has steadily gained popularity after a connection was discovered between exposure to UV rays and skin cancer.

One way of getting skin tanned from UV is by lying in the sun, which is a recreational activity referred to as sunbathing. This is the most basic and probably easiest way to get a tan. How fast or how well suntan works can also be influenced by another condition referred to as windburn. Windburn is the effect of the wind removing the lipid layer of skin which keeps out ultraviolet radiation, thus increasing the tanning.

Besides the sun one can also achieve skin tanned from UV is by using a device referred to as a tanning bed or a sunbed which produces UV radiation artificially. Sunbeds have fluorescent bulbs infused with phosphor and produce rays identical to those of sunlight. Besides a small portion of UV B, most of the radiation produced is UV A using this device has little difference from sunbathing.

Skin tanning can also be achieved without using the sun or any other source of UV radiation. This method is called sunless tanning or fake tanning. Chemicals of different kinds have been used to successfully cause skin to have a tan similar to that caused by the sun. The chemicals may be applied to the skin topically or orally.

Beta-carotene is a very useful mineral for making tanning products because the effect it delivers is more permanent and it guards skin against harmful UV rays. UV rays can cause sunburn which is unevenness in the tone of skin because of over-exposure. This mineral gets skin tanned better and safeguards against skin cancer caused by UV radiation.

There are other different compounds besides beta-carotene that are used to manufacture UV-free tanning products. Pills or products based on beta-carotene remain the most popular choice for getting a tan, though. Also, some people have started to use temporary tanning solutions like creams and powders that come off when cleaned with water.

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