How Self Tanning Is A Better Alternative To Getting Color From The Sun

By Haywood Hunter

Self tanning has been around for a while, but today it is more popular than ever. More people have learned and accepted that the sun can and will harm the skin if given too many chances to do so. This is one of the reasons self tanning has become so popular, along with the fact that self tanning can be done quickly and privately.

Not only will self tanning give you the tan you desire, it also reduces the risk for certain types of cancer. There is no risk of cancer with self tanning. All you get with self tanning is a beautifully tanned body. A lot of people like being tan because the color camouflages imperfections in the skin. Self Tanning is a wonderful way to cover up cellulite and other blemishes.

Some may find that getting a tan the normal way (by damaging the skin with UV rays) to give them the color they want, but there will be a price to pay. If it is not skin cancer, you can count on premature skin aging. Being tan is considered beautiful, but having wrinkles and leathery-looking skin is not very aesthetically pleasing. With sunless tanning, you do not need to worry about paying the price by compromising the integrity of your skin.

A lot of people are still under the misconception that sunless tanning will cause them to have an unnatural look. When self tanning products first came on the scene, many did have unpleasant experiences with their skin turning an unwanted color. However, there is little need for this worry today.

Laying out in the sun can only be done when the weather is warm and the sun is shining. However, when you opt for self tanning, you can have a beautiful tan every day of the year.

That being said, before the application process begins, you will probably find it helpful to exfoliate. This can be done in the shower by using a washcloth or exfoliating brush. Keeping the skin soft and smooth might also prove beneficial to assisting the sunless tanning product with absorption into your skin.

Self tanning is a much safer way to tan, these days. With skin cancer on the rise, more people are looking into alternatives when it comes to getting a tan. If you want a tan, self tanning can give you what you want safely and beautifully.

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