What Causes My Joints Hurt

By Dr. Grazyna Pajunen

Points where our bones meet are very vital for our mobility. However they are susceptible to certain conditions that may cause pain. According to medics, various reasons might lead to this. Every one, no matter the age or gender is exposed to these risks. Outlined are the most common conditions as to why my joints hurt.

Injury is the foremost and common to all. Our anatomy is of great importance in mobility. But as we walk, jog and get involved in other activities, way may experience accidents. Fractures are the most in occurrence. Depending on the extent of injury it may lead to prolonged pain in the bone hurt. This explains why it is widely a norm to have first aid kits within our reach.

Another cause for joint pain is age. As years advance, people complain of pains in their bones and cartilages that unite bones. Researchers claim aches arises largely because there are corroding effect left known as screeching. Still on this factor, as women reproductive health comes to a halt, medically referred as menopause, aches in areas where their bones intersect, become a common play.

Another reason that can affect is weather and climate change, together with time of the day. There is a lot of variance in the society on when they experience these aches. Some people will say that they are affected more during cold weathers and at nights. This can be because during cold periods, one is inactive and the joint fluid becomes thick and the cartilages thins.

Various diseases have been identified as causes of these pains. They include, Pagets disease which occurs a lot in people who are aged. This is due to the fact that, it takes long for their bodies to renew worn out tissues. Rheumatoid arthritis, this one affects people with problems in their immune system. Osteoarthritis, it attacks tissues that caution the joints from corrosion. Osteoporosis, majority who suffer this disease occurs greatly in women who attained menopause. Attributed to fall in the required minerals that aid in strengthening and bone formation.

During pregnancy, most women complain of joints pain. These disturbances are especially on their wrist and hands. Medical practitioners who trade in this field greatly attribute this to hormonal changes in their body during this period. Also change in body mass increases and leads to increased pressure on their bones. But some of the changes occur for the better in order to ease child birth.

Body size may bring about these pains. Huge persons are the most affected. Above normal weight, causes a lot of pressure to the bones. Tall people are also not spared. This arises because the bones play a role of supporting our body and holding them together. As per records, people of this kind have even died or cripple.

Problems of the bones affect people in all spheres of life. This has brought about the revolution in the health sector as scientists trying to come up with solutions. Common recommendations include, exercise mainly targeting obese and the old, wearing protective gear, on the head, knees and along the waist for sportsmen, proper nutrition and dietary check for pregnant women. Those are the known facts as to why my joints hurt.

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