Spot The Best Location To Get Knowledge About What Is The Best Self Tanner

By Haywood Raptis

Ever since the 1920s when the oh-so cool Coco Chanel returned from her Mediterranean trips with a golden tan, the sun tan has become the hottest, must-have fashion accessory and many wish to know just what is the best self tanner. More recently, people have become increasingly aware of the dangers of UV radiation associated with sunbathing. Self tanners have been around since 1960 and there are countless options to choose from today, leading many people to pose the question, 'what is the best self tanner?' .

All kinds of different varieties of self tanners are available of late, making deciding what is the best self tanner harder. These might come in the manner of pills, tan towels, gels, powders, sprays, foams, creams or milks, some may say what is the best self tanner depends on each individual. It can prove handy to wear applicator mitts to avert dyeing your palms an orange hue.

Many people have tried cosmetic tans that have turned them an unnatural shade of orange or left them with streaky legs and dark elbows and have become desperate to know just what is the best self tanner. Red carpet celebrities always seem to find a tan-in-a-can that provides perfect, natural-looking color, prompting the average person to turn to them in asking just what is the best self tanner. The best way to follow in their faux-tanned footsteps is to read reviews by real customers who have tried and tested a variety of sunless tanners.

The internet can be a great source of information on what is the best self tanner and products that give you a just-off-the-beach look without having to sizzle in the sun. You can watch videos online from independent websites that explain how to use the various products and what effects you are likely to encounter. The web can also offer a wider choice than a High Street store and give you the chance to compare prices, look for discounts and discover free samples, when trying to establish just what is the best self tanner.

Look for organic tan ingredients and all-natural products that contain fruit and plant extracts, essential oils or coconut oil infusions. First-class sunless tanners ought to be easily absorbed and hydrating. They may use glycerine and silicone moisturizers, just what is the best self tanner for you depends on your own desires.

The results of bronzers tend to take immediate effect but they are soon washed off in the same way as cosmetics, but if forever is not something you are looking for, perhaps the answer to what is the best self tanner may lay hid among them, in your case. Canthaxanthin, the pigment which tanning pills contain as their active ingredient, can produce side effects as severe as hepatitis. Nearly all self tanners make use of dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

Tanning accelerators can be lotions or pills, but not always the answer to what is the best self tanner. The common ingredient is the amino acid tyrosine. They can cause premature aging, wrinkles, brown spots, melanomas and other skin cancers.

What is the best self tanner then? - One that synchronizes with your normal skin shade and constructs a progressively intensifying tan. The optimal tanners also pack ample SPF to perform as sunscreen. Preferably, they will be express-drying, simple to apply and able to be put on in glowing golden layers as preceding treatments fade.

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