What Are The Drawbacks Associated With The Ice Cream Diet?

By James Steele

This diet, the Ice Cream Diet, is a strategy that says you can shed the weight without giving up something like ice cream every day. Imagine that. It's very common knowledge that ice cream will make you gain weight, and the creator of this diet is saying you don't have to give it up. At first we laughed at this, and then we decided to check it out to see if this is for real, or just another hoax.

Put simply, the Ice Cream Diet tells you point blank that you can get rid of the excess weight while retaining the pleasure of indulging in terrific tasting foods. You will need to be mindful of the calories you eat each day, and that is no different from other diets.

You can find low calorie ice cream, too, and this will add just one more little source of calcium for women which is very important. The calcium will only help, and what's more it has been shown that losing weight is aiding by adequate levels of calcium.

We do have to admit that the "Ice Cream Diet" certainly can make people think all kinds of things. There still is, however, the emphasis on low daily caloric intake, but you can eat a bit of the good stuff, too. People who buy this book may think that they will be allowed to eat as much ice cream as they want, which is very far from the truth.

The Ice Cream Diet is effective for a lot of people; however it is really not for everyone. Since the dieter is actually expected to eat ice cream, what is at work here is eating in moderation. You can easily spot the possible issue here; and the issue is not everyone will be able to do that. You know very well that there are some folks for whom moderation does not and will not work. The obvious point is that the Ice Cream Diet will work better for some than others for reasons discussed.

You can lose weight with the Ice Cream Diet, and you'll have to do your part just like with any other diet. However... please do not sabotage your efforts by eating more ice cream than the book suggests. Ok? So, what we have here is a system that gets you to limit your calories and lose weight; and you can still have a daily reward, too.

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