A Quick Look At Some Of The Pros And Cons Of Indoor Tanning Using Sun Self Tanner Lotion

By Haywood Raptis

You can look more attractive instantly by sporting an olive complexion. It also makes you appear skinny. However, sitting in the sun just to obtain that dazzling tone isn't recommendable, unless your goal is to have skin cancer. Fortunately, you may grab a bottle of Sun self tanner lotion, a topical product that can promote skin darkening without involving sunlight.

The use of Sun self tanner lotion offers so many advantages. This does not mean that no disadvantages are around. If you are considering to try indoor tanning anytime soon, continue reading. Below you can find some of its pros and cons.

Using this Sun self tanner lotion makes getting rid of a pasty complexion risk-free. The product is saving millions of people from skin cancer. Health experts regard the sun's UV rays as carcinogens. A bottle of Sun self tanner lotion within easy reach makes sunbathing unnecessary. Because of this, the chances of having that dreadful disease are significantly reduced.

An olive complexion is supposed to make you appear more attractive. The fact is sunbathing can cause the exact opposite. Dermatologists say that liver spots, fine lines and wrinkles develop prematurely mainly because of excessive sun exposure. No matter how lovely your tan is, it means nothing if your face is loaded with these cosmetic issues many are trying to dodge. You may not be able to stop the process of aging, but using Sun self tanner lotion instead of sunbathing helps delay it.

Some ingredients found in Sun self tanner lotion help nourish and protect the skin. Additionally, someone using the product will be forced to regularly apply hand and body moisturizing cream. This is done in order to make the fake tan last for several days. While doing this, your skin receives the hydration it needs to remain soft and supple.

The application of Sun self tanner lotion is actually a pocket-friendly solution. By having Sun self tanner lotion at home, there's no need to avail of costly spray or airbrush tanning service offered at a local salon. If you are shopping on a shoestring budget, buying online is a good idea. Obtaining promo codes helps bring down the product's cost further.

Certain disadvantages are also around. Despite of the name, a fake tan should look natural. Proper application of Sun self tanner lotion is necessary if you want to sport an olive complexion that can make everybody stare. Otherwise, streaks and patches of brown color will easily reveal the fact that your skin tone isn't real. You will also notice that there's a funny smell coming from the skin. This happens because of the action of the product's ingredient called dihydroxyacetone or DHA.

Applying sunscreen has to be done each time you go outside during daytime. The Sun self tanner lotion cannot alter the pigments in the epidermis. It works by chemically reacting with dead skin cells, leaving them brown. The product does not increase the amount of melanin in your skin, which means you may be more vulnerable to those dangerous UV rays.

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