Getting Sunless Tans Without The Damaging Effects Of UV Rays

By Haywood Hunter

Sunbathing and lying under tanning beds have been known to cause skin cancer and other skin problems. However, since the invention of tanning lotions, getting sunless tans came to be much easier. There are still some misconceptions about these products that have to be corrected. If you want to sport the perfect tan, then you should be open to learning more about it.

There are several forms of tanners available in the market. In the end, there is really only one active ingredient that produces that bronzing effect. It is termed as dihydroxyacetone. This substance works on the outer surface of your skin, which is composed mostly of dead skin cells. Upon application, the protein of the dead cells end up turning brown.

This generates a complete cosmetic outcome. Dihydroxyacetone is certainly licensed by the Food and Drug Association, which suggests its safety. Furthermore, due to the fact that it performs solely on old skin cells, you won't experience any systemic influence on your body.

After applying self tanners, you can usually keep the color until about a week. You will not have to wait for months to be able to show off your complexion. With in minutes, you will have your desired color. These products can also be used simultaneously with sun screen. This way, you could have skin protection and a bronzing effect at the same time.

With respect to your personal taste, you can easily try the cream solely on certain parts of your body. In contrast, if you stress about tan lines, you could opt to apply it smoothly all over your body to establish a natural effect.

To summarize, you will find a lot of products out there that can enable you to get sunless tans effortlessly. It is feasible to confidently expose your skin without stressing about the harmful consequences of UV rays.

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