Diet Solution Program Review: Recommended Foods

By Sam Milner

The Diet Solution is a popular weight loss plan based on natural foods. The author of this eBook is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist. She claims that people can easily lose fat by eating foods that match their metabolic type. If you read any Diet Solution Program review on the Internet, you will see that thousands of people have lost weight following this diet.

Those who follow this weight loss diet can eat almond butter, organic meats, potatoes, cucumbers, greens, tomatoes, fresh fish, fruits, apple sauce, Italian spices, seeds, and nuts. Stay away from processed foods, sweets, sodas, pastas ands grains, sugars, and artificial sweeteners except Stevia. You can eat organic dairy products. Most foods included in this plan are healthy and nutritious.

If you read any Diet Solution Program review available online, you will see that this weight loss plan does work. As long as you eat healthy foods that match your metabolic type, you will loose excess fat. This diet doesn't involve buying expensive shakes or starving yourself.

This eBook features over 80 recipes that are made with real butter, coconut oil, fresh fruits, nuts, sweet potatoes, and veggies. These foods are free of chemicals and protect your body from diabetes, cancer, and obesity. As long as you avoid processed foods and eat according to your metabolic type, you will keep your weight under control and enjoy good health.

Isabel de Los Rios, the nutritionist behind this diet, claims that dieters should drink half their body weight in ounces of water per day. If don't drink enough water, you will have cravings and feel hungry all day long. You will also eat more than you actually need. Those who follow this diet are encouraged to try the recipes provided, including mashed sweet potatoes, warm quinoa salad, and fruit pizza.

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