You Can Learn How To Stitch A Cool Bag For Your Tanning Supplies

By Haywood Raptis

Summer is coming and now is the time to start gathering all your tanning supplies in one place. Keeping tanning supplies together will allow you to soak up the rays and begin tanning as soon as the sun shines without scrambling to find what you need to get a great tan. It is better to spend time tanning, than looking for tanning supplies.

Using an old tank top or T-shirt to make a bag to carry your tanning supplies is the answer you are looking for. Not only is it a way to recycle, you will not mind if some of the lotion spills, or sand gets on your bag.You can just rinse it off when you sinse off your tanning supplies. No one else will get their bag mixed up with your one of a kind creation either.

Gather a few supplies for your project. Select an old cotton tank top that is too small or that you no longer wear. Try to find one made of heavy duty cotton. Do not use a tank top made of material that is too stretchy or it may stretch out too much when you place full bottles of tanning supplies inside. If you do not have a tank top, a cotton T-shirt will also work. You will also need some straight pins, a pair of sewing shears, thread and a sewing machine. If you do not have access to a sewing machine, a needle and some heavy-duty thread will do. Even if you do not sew much this project is easy enough for any one.

Make sure the shirt is inside out. Match the bottom hems as evenly as possible and pin them together. Try to get them even, but remember that this is the inside seam and any tanning supplies you put in the bag will cover it up any way.

Stitch the bottom hem of the shirt closed with a seam allowance of at least one quarter of an inch. Be sure to back-stitch a few times to add strength to the seam. Double knot your thread if you are hand sewing the seam. Try to keep the stitches small and even to make the seam strong to prevent tanning supplies from tearing it. Cut some of the bottom off the shirt, or increase the seam allowance if you want a smaller bag.

Take out the straight pins and turn the bag right-side out. Now is the time to cut the sleeves into straps if you are using a T-Shirt. Just do not cut the straps too thin. You do not want the handles to break when you fill your bag with tanning supplies. You will not need to cut straps if you are using a tank top, your handles are already made. Cut off any ribbing around the opening of the neck to make the bag's opening bigger.

If you do not have a T-shirt or tank top at home, try the local thrift shop, Goodwill store, or visit a few neighborhood yard sales for supplies. If you are lucky you might even find a mesh tank top. This is the perfect shirt to make a beach bag out of to store tanning supplies.

Fill your new bag with all the tanning supplies you need to get a deep, dark tan and occupy yourself well you do it. Put in lotion, something to read, snacks, a water bottle and a towel to lay on. Having all these items in one place will let you start sunbathing sooner.

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