Get Rid Of Your Sagging Chin With These 3 Tips

By James Kupe

A sagging chin is one of many common signs that we are getting older. As we age, our skin becomes less elastic than it used to be due to decreased collagen and elastin. Weight can also be a cause of this unsightly appearance.

This problem doesn't have to be a permanent one as there are several ways to tighten the skin under your chin. All you have to do it make adjustments to your lifestyle and you'll have a good-looking chin in no time. Below are three tips you need to follow in order for this to happen.

3 Simple Tips For Getting Rid Of A Sagging Chin

1. Start Eating A Healthy Diet

If you regularly eat foods such as cheeseburgers, chips, soda, candy, cookies, crackers, or any other type of junk food, your sagging chin may simply caused by the foods you are eating. It's well known that processed foods bad for your weight, health and skin, so you should stop eating these kinds of bad foods as much as possible. When you start eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and firm, you'll start to see see a pickup in the health of your skin (and your chin) in a matter of weeks.

2. Start To Do Some Exercise

Doing some form of consistent physical activity or exercise will burn extra fat and tighten all areas of your skin, including your chin. Specific chin and neck exercises are even better - things such as the double chin workout. When you are doing this exercise, start by standing in an upright, comfortable position. Tilt your head back as far as it will go without straining your neck. Open and close your mouth as far as you can by using your lower jaw. You should be able to feel your neck muscles being stretched each time you you open and shut your mouth. You should then hold the closed position for around 4 seconds and then repeat the exercise several times. Doing some Cardio exercises and strength training is another way to get the most out of your exercise time.

3. Use A Cream

Many remedies have been developed to help counteract a sagging chin because it is such a common problem. Look for good products that have been researched so you know what kinds of ingredients you are using on your skin. Plant extract base creams are usually better than those which are produced from other ingredients. Good products will help you to increase the elastin and collagen produced by your body, which will tighten your skin, keeping it more fit and healthy. Things to look for in a product include yeast extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, and soy protein.

By making some or all of these changes and using the right products, you should start to see results as your sagging chin begins to disappear. These healthy eating and exercise habits will help to keep your skin much more healthy for the rest of your life.

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