How Self Tanning Is A Better Alternative To Getting Color From The Sun

By Haywood Hunter

Self tanning may not be a new idea, but over the last several years, new self tanning products have been made available to self tanning enthusiasts who wish to get a tan without having to spend any time in the sun. Sunless tanning can be done by you, in the privacy of your own home. If you fear exposing your pasty white skin to crowds of strangers at the beach, self tanning might just give you some courage.

Not only will self tanning give you the tan you desire, it also reduces the risk for certain types of cancer. There is no risk of cancer with self tanning. All you get with self tanning is a beautifully tanned body. A lot of people like being tan because the color camouflages imperfections in the skin. Self Tanning is a wonderful way to cover up cellulite and other blemishes.

Spotting someone who has spent a lifetime exposing their body to the sun's rays is pretty easy to do. The sun damages the skin in many ways. However, self tanning actually improves the condition of your skin. It is possible to have a body that looks as though it just got back from vacation, without torturing it with the harmful rays of the sun.

A lot of people are still under the misconception that sunless tanning will cause them to have an unnatural look. When self tanning products first came on the scene, many did have unpleasant experiences with their skin turning an unwanted color. However, there is little need for this worry today.

Another benefit to self tanning is that you can do it whenever you want. You don't have to make any appointments, and you don't have to wait for the neighbors to leave so you can sprawl yourself out on the lawn to catch some rays. Self tanning can be done just about anywhere.

That being said, before the application process begins, you will probably find it helpful to exfoliate. This can be done in the shower by using a washcloth or exfoliating brush. Keeping the skin soft and smooth might also prove beneficial to assisting the sunless tanning product with absorption into your skin.

Self tanning is a much safer way to tan, these days. With skin cancer on the rise, more people are looking into alternatives when it comes to getting a tan. If you want a tan, self tanning can give you what you want safely and beautifully.

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