By Haywood Hunter

Sun bathing is done not only to enjoy the warmth but also to get that glow or tan. One can get mixed up choosing between sunscreen, sun block and sunblock tan products.It may also not be clear which SPF is needed in a sunblock tan or other product. The best tan enhancers and blockers are also not clearly understood. Furthermore, a sunblock tan and other products has several options within it.

A good grasp of sunblock products and other safe sunning products will enable one to choose correctly. One key issue is SPF which is the Sun Protection Factor. It can be 2, 50 or even higher. It represents a comparison of how long it will take before the skin reacts to being exposed to the sun without being protected with a sunblock tan, block or sunscreen for example by turning red or peeling.

If for instance, it would take 20 minutes for a reaction to start, wearing a sunblock tan or other product with an SPF factor of 15 enables one to safely stay in the sun for 15 times longer or 5 more hours without getting sun burnt. A greater SPF in the sunblock tan or other product offers more protection but minimally so, about 2 to 5 percent more.

This means that a sunblock tan or alternative product with an SPF of 30 rather than 15 gives only a little more protection. Take note that it is the period of protection that goes up a little but it not the strength. SPF is universally used to measure UVB protection but no standards have been set for UVA.

The way a sunblock tan, sunscreen or sun block work is also often not well understood. Sunscreens chemically absorb rays whereas sun block will physically deflect them. Sunscreens can block out UVB completely but not UVAs. However, improvements are constantly being made so they offer better protection. The same is being done with sun blocks so they can shield against UVA and UVB.

The other option of a sunblock tan is a two in one product that tans and protects the skin. Sunblock tan contains skin tanning agents and sun block. It may come as a cream, lotion or spray. Different shades are available ranging from light to dark from various brands. Using a sunblock tan is healthier as one needs less time in the sun.

A sunblock tan may also be applied before getting onto a tanning bed or booth. Some are meant for indoor use. They have a greater SPF for those with sensitive skin. An indoor one also guards against sunburn and keeps skin well moisturized. An indoor sunblock tan should not be combined with an outdoor one.

When seeking that glow, spend time on parts that are more prone to get burnt such as the nose and cheeks. Protect them with a high SPF product or a sunblock tan that has high SPF. If chosen and applied appropriately, a sunblock tan is a quick and safe way to get that lovely glow.

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