By Haywood Hunter

For many years, a golden brown skin, kissed by the sun is seen as proof of a healthy lifestyle. Of course, Caucasians are the main followers of the quest for getting brown, and that is most certainly one of the reasons why this group has the highest instance of skin cancer. Therefore, in recent times, the use of an indoor tanning lotion has become extremely popular.

Indoor tanning lotion provides no protection against exposure to direct sunlight and should never be used as such. Instead, they are developed for indoor use, normally for protection when using ultra violet devices such as tanning beds. It is very important to ensure that the most appropriate protective measures are taken at all times.

Most reputable brands of indoor tanning lotion are designed to take the limitations of sunbeds into account. Ingredients such as copper will cause damage to the acrylic surface of these devices and they are therefore avoided. It is therefore not feasible to use outdoor tanning lotions when using indoor tanning solutions. Each product has a specific purpose and it is better to stick to the recommendations provided.

It is a great pity that so many people that have heeded the warnings about the dangers of direct sun exposure have come to believe that indoor solutions are safe. They are not, at least not without precautions. All forms of tanning can cause a serious number of health concerns and it is vital to be informed before submitting to any form of cosmetic browning.

When setting out to become brown, tanned or bronzed by using an indoor tanning bed, it is very important to understand the dangers. People tend to forget that these devices also pose certain dangers and that lengthy sessions can cause serious harm to the skin. It is vital to wear an indoor tanning lotion when using these facilities.

When using an indoor tanning lotion the chances for severe damage to the skin are significantly reduced. It would be a big mistake to think that the lack of direct contact with sunlight negates the need for precautions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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