More About The Particular Composition Of Tanning Bed Lotions For Great Tans

By Haywood Hunter

People who wish to have healthy-looking tan skin year round are taking advantage of tanning beds. This allows them to forgo the pale 'winter' look and exhibit the appearance of time spent in the sun. These beds are found in spas and other locations and use special tanning bed lotions to insure an all-over sun-kissed look.

These beds use ultraviolet radiation (UVA) much like the sun to produce a body tan. This is done through the use of fluorescent lamps. Acrylics used on the protective shields in these beds can be damaged by regular outdoor preparations, which is why special lotions must be used.

Concerned about the effect of these rays on the human body, the Federal Food and Drug Administration Agency has put certain regulations regarding these beds into effect. Regulations cover things such as lamp compliance, eye protection, and warning labels. States also have their own regulations, requiring things such as proper operator training, additional labels, bed sterilization, and so forth.

The lotion used in this process is not the same as the lotion purchased at the corner drug store. There are ingredients in these special products that speed up the bronzing process. Some of the brands cause a 'tingling' in the skin. This brings the blood to the surface and increases the amount of tan obtained.

A popular addition to these special brands are bronzers, also known as DHA. This is a liquid chemical coming from glycerin which interacts with the skin's amino acid, causing it to brown and speeding up the process. There are 'Cool Bronzers", which contain menthol and 'Hot Bronzers" which contain tingle.

There are many different brands of tanning bed lotions. They may contain tea oil, copper, L-Tyrosine, melanin, green tree extract, normal oil, or other things. Regular use of one of these booths can cause the skin to dry out. That is why the majority of products add hempseed oil, which is a moisturizing ingredient.

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